A Tale of Two Rivers: Mekong – Mississippi,” continues in Bangkok, Thailand, with Robert Godec, US Ambassador to Thailand, attending the exclusive interactive finale performance of U.S. artists from COMPANY E contemporary performing group. In collaboration with Thai artists from Sirisook Dance Theater in Chiang Rai, the performance is a series of interactive dance, music, and storytelling pieces that connects the majesty of the Mekong and Mississippi Rivers.

This dynamic people-to-people event kicks off the 190th anniversary of U.S.-Thai diplomatic ties.

The troop previously performed in Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai, on February 3-4 before bringing this co-creation to Bangkok audiences. The Tale of Two Rivers is a partnership with the Chiang Khong community in Chiang Rai, U.S. contemporary dance institute COMPANY E, Chiang Mai-based Sirisook Dance Theater, Prayoon for Art Foundation, and Siam Piwat Group.

Editorial photos by Matt Hunt on February 07, 2023.